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DJ INTRO - Maybach music girl style

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Do you remember the Maybach music intro which featured two women engaging in conversation? I'm sure you do. The music intro was voiced by Australian, model Jessica Gomes, and has been heard by millions of fans worldwide.

So recently, I was asked by an international DJ to create an intro that was inspired by the Maybach Music one. After reviewing the script, I was happy to take on the brief. I was up for this new creative challenge.

Within the dialogue/role play, I voiced as friend one and it was my objective to sound fun, flirty and giggly!

My friend who became woman two, has a quintessential Cockney English accent that was fitting for the script. We both had fun building out the dialogue and played around with a few different styles...

In the end, my client was super pleased with the final result.

I figured this was an excellent opportunity to expand my offering so...

DJ intros - inspired by the Maybach girl intro

If you fancy getting your own conversational style DJ intro for 2018, then get in touch now.

These intros make the perfect fit for your mixtapes, live music mixes or radio sets. And the best thing of all is they they can be completely tailor made.

Whether you'd like to set the scene with a simple mixtape intro or incorporate voice acting sound bites that build into a narrative throughout your music mix - WE can make it happen.

- Intros or outros

- Interlude or intermissions

Receive a collaborative and bespoke service; that ensures your intro/outro is built exactly to your vision and style requirements!

Custom orders start from only $60.

So it's over to you DJ, tell me what you have in mind?

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