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Chantel London's 2024 Demo: DJ Drops, Jingles, Beat Tags, and More. Custom-made and produced.

Hey! It's Chantel London, your go-to British female voiceover artist, and I'm excited to share my new demo with professional and personalised audio assets. My new demo reel features a selection of jingles, DJ drops, producer tags, and show intros, all voiced and professionally produced. 

Why Choose Voice & Visuals by Chantel London?

As an experienced voiceover artist, I bring more than just a voice to the table—I bring an experience. My sultry and authentic London accent and versatile vocal range set the stage for creating unforgettable moments in your productions. Whether you're a DJ, producer, or content creator, I understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression, and that's exactly what my voice delivers.

What's in the 2024 Demo?

This demo is a symphony of possibilities! From mesmerising DJ drops that make your mixes stand out to catchy jingles that linger in the minds of your audience and beat tags that add a signature touch to your beats, this demo covers it all. Need show intro/outros that set the perfect tone for your content? Look no further—I've got you covered.

A Taste of London, Anywhere in the World

My voice doesn't just bring a London accent; it brings a piece of the vibrant city's spirit to your projects. It's the perfect blend of sultry sophistication and authentic charm, making your creations resonate with listeners globally.

Listen and Experience the Difference

Curious to hear the magic for yourself? Dive into my demo reel here and let the sound speak for itself. 

Let's Collaborate!

Are you ready to infuse your projects with a touch of London magic? Whether you're a DJ looking for distinctive drops, a producer in need of that perfect vocal flair, or a content creator seeking show intro/outros that captivate, I'm here for you.

Get in Touch

Let's make waves in 2024 together!

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