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Do you keep hearing the term 'DJ Drops' but are not 100% sure what the benefits are?

Chances are, you're already familiar with the concept but could be associating DJ Drops with another name. Read on for a straightforward explanation of every DJ's secret weapon.


What are DJ Drops in deejaying?


A DJ Drop, aka a Name Drop, Voice Drop or Ident, is a short and snappy voiceover or sound that you can use on mixes, live streams or sets. Voice Drops are usually unique to the DJ - containing their name, tagline, or other information. A classic DJ drop is something like: "You're in the mix with + DJ Name" - although you can be as creative as you please! DJ Drops can be made dry, which means you get the raw voice recording or produced wet, meaning they are mixed with sound and vocal effects. 



Similar to DJ Drops are Name Tags, which are usually associated with producers. Producers often insert Name Tags into their beats or instrumentals. Not only do Name or Beat Tags offer brand recognition, but they also help producers to retain ownership of their work. 


This brings us to Jingles. Although similar to DJ Drops and Beat Tags, Jingles are often sung or mixed with music and are commonly associated with radio shows. 


Why do I need to have DJ Drops?


Here are just a few reasons why you should own personalised DJ Drops:


  • Helps with your name, sound and brand recognition

  • Adds creativity and energy to your mixes, live streams and sets

  • You can share vital information such as your social media platforms or website 

  • Adds professionalism to your craft and sets you apart from your competitors

  • They help to segment your mixes

  • You can use them again and again 



How can I get professional custom DJ Drops, Tags or Jingles?

If you're interested in making a bespoke order, visit my custom DJ Drop page, where you can listen to my British voice demo and find all the information you need to make an order. Remember, each custom name drop order also comes with a bundle of FREE pre-made fully produced drops. You will also find information on other audio services, such as show intros and outros. 

Show intros and outros are a lot longer than drops and combine voiceover and effects plus music. Intros and outros are great for all types of content, including mixes and podcast shows. 


Why should I order with Voice & Visuals?

Working with Voice & Visuals means working directly with me, Chantel London. I am the founder of Voice & Visuals and am passionate about providing a professional, personal and affordable service. I will be working directly with you, ensuring you're kept in the loop and completely satisfied.



Every custom order is recorded by me and delivered both dry (voice only) and professionally produced (mixed and mastered) with sound effects. What's more, you'll receive 30 FREE pre-made DJ Drops with your custom order too. 



I also offer pre-recorded DJ drops deals - these are ready-made drop themed packages that you can use within your mixes, shows etc. Each versatile package contains 20 fully mixed female voice drops, delivered in MP3 format in separate files. Learn more about these drop packages here



Aside from creating audio, we also provide audio-visual services such as video adverts which are perfect for promoting events, products or services. You can check out our video advert portfolio here




About Chantel London - founder and British female voiceover artist

I was born and raised in the UK and have an authentic British London accent. My voice is often described as smooth, sultry and warm. Depending on your requirements, I can deliver voiceovers in various styles, from slow and seductive to hype and energetic. Having worked as a broadcaster on community radio for several years, I have a particular affinity and affection for the industry. My experience as a voiceover artist is expansive, and I've worked with DJs, selectors and professionals from all over the world. I founded Voice & Visuals due to my love for radio, music and the media industry as a whole. 



Visit the Voice & Visuals audio production page for custom DJ Drops and intros, beat tags, radio jingles and audio adverts.


Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions, comments or enquiries:


By Chantel London

London's finest female voiceover artist 

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