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With Voice & Visuals, we'll effortlessly transform your poetic wisdom into a rhythmic, spoken word, piece of art. 

Whether you are looking for a relaxed, seductive voice that is also simple and calm or an energetic delivery - we got you.

Your words of wisdom, conveyed by Chantelle LDN - The London Voiceover Artist, and captured by your audience... we call this poetic partnership.


Made in London, my expertly crafted female voice will complement your desired style and pace.

My team and I will assist you in bringing your words to life through the art of oral expression. Convey your message while capturing and connecting with a wider audience! 


 Get the flow, tone, tempo and pace just right! 

  • Trendy poetic style recital

  • Spoken word poetry performance

  • Word poetry is vocalised and expressed with eloquence

  • Suitable intonation and voice inflexion

  • Articulating rhyme and rhythm

  • Capturing the right mood 


From one artist to another...
I am an authentic voice artist here to assist you in vocalising the aesthetics and
meaning of your art.

Recited with your intention, to capture your audience's attention! 

Poetry in motion



















If you would like to learn more or to request a quote please contact us


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