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Thanks for your order!

What we need from you:

Essentials deal: script, flyer (editable PSD file), music (MP3), images (JPEG) or video clips (high res) - any other information on style or direction 

Premium deal: music (MP3), images (JPEG) or video clips (high res) - any other information on style or direction

Audio deal: please submit your script and style requirements.  

Send details to: or use the order form. 


You can also reach out directly with WhatsApp Messenger +44 7432 463 789


Looking forward to working with you.

Chantel London

Voice & Visuals

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you have proofed scripts and media assets before sending. Voice & Visuals is not responsible for proofing or cross-referencing copy, text or media assets. Any revisions needed, with regards to mis-spellings or mistakes made by the client, will incur additional charges. 

Please note that Voice & Visuals is not responsible for the usage and distribution of any third party assets or materials including music, videos and images. You should ensure that any rights, licences and/or consents needed for assets submitted (flyer artwork, images, clips, music etc.) are obtained.We advise that you use only royalty free media or obtain the necessary usage permissions/licenses.

Voice & Visuals reserves the right to also share your ad for marketing purposes. 

If you do not want your ad to be shared by us for promotional purposes, you must request a ‘white label’ fee. 

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