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British Female Promo Rap Adverts

16 Bar Business or Service Promo Rap Ad

British Female Bars & Beats  - promote your business or service with swag!


Add some fire to your brand, business or service with a custom-made rap advert. 


Choose from a 4, 8 or a 16 bar rap track voiced by Chantelle LDN (aka the voice of urban London)


Check out our demo below:



PEN 2 PROD (all in 1)

Simply tell us about your brand, product or service and we’ll do the rest. Pen catchy lyrics, produce an original beat, voice the rhymes and have it all mixed-mastered to perfection!



If you already have your lyrics or want to write your own flow then that’s not a problem. With this option, you can also supply us with the beat too and we’ll record your rhymes and have it all mixed-mastered to perfection!




PEN 2 PROD (All in 1) - £80



PEN 2 PROD (All in 1) - £120



16 BAR

PEN 2 PROD (All in 1) - £190




How do I order Promo Rap Ad?
If you’re interested in getting your own Promo Rap Ad then please contact us requesting an order form.

How long does a Promo Rap Ad take to create?
We aim to deliver completed projects within 10 days. If you need this done

sooner, then please contact us to discuss a fast track service.

Will the Promo Rap Ad belong to me?
Each track is inclusive of a perpetual usage meaning you are free to use the track for all commercial activity.

Can I request a revision?

The team and I will be collaborating with you throughout the creative process and we will only move on once you are totally satisfied at each stage. This will give you the freedom and flexibility to request any changes, while we are producing, plus ensure us that we are delivering to your expectations.

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