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Lights. Camera. Action... Captivating British Female Voiceover Artist with an authentic London Accent 

The shots are on point, the editing is precise and the production is flawless... but wait there’s one thing missing - yep, the perfect voice to complement and complete the project. 

Establish a direct connection between your content and audience with Voice & Visuals.

As a professional British female voiceover artist and voice actor, I have an adaptable delivery style, that can deliver an effective and engaging narrative voice to complete your next film project. Having worked in broadcasting for a number of years, I understand the art and skill needed to tell a story with flair and pace. My inner-city London voice and accent naturally blend the capital's most distinct dialects: Estuary English, Multi-Lingual English) and Cockney, for a quintessential and authentic inner-city female London accent. 

Whether it’s a documentary, series or short film or audiobook project, the right voice and style will help your audience to connect with your content and with years of experience, I can narrate scripts in a variety of styles. 

warm/friendly, relaxed/natural, conversational, sultry/seductive, upbeat or commercial.

My British female voice/London accent is easily adaptable and is suited to a variety of film projects such as:

  • Storytelling, narration or explainers 

  • Documentary voiceover

  • Narration and commentary

  • Web series trailers and voiceover

  • Vimeo or YouTube content 

  • Literature, drama or other long-form narratives

  • Animation or animated voice

  • Interviewing and reporting

  • Scriptwriting and editing

Key considerations used when providing an effective VO includes:

  • Working to deadline and staying cool under pressure

  • Understanding pace, tone, rhythm and timing

  • Creativity and visual imagination while delivering the voiceover or narration 

Ideal for independent filmmakers, storytellers or content creators. 

Get in touch 
Think the London voice of Chantelle LDN will be a good fit for your next project and would like to hear a demo or reach out about working together Contact Voice & Visuals.  

Documentaries | Film | TV | YouTube | Audio Books






Black British female voiceover artist and voice actor – authentic London voice, UK
Chantel London - The London Voiceover Artist  

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